This article isn't only for the dating game; it also is about friendships, colleagues, and all other kind of relationships a human being can form throughout this life. 

The fatal woman often needs to be very selective about the people she lets in her life as well.

Why is that you might ask?

Because having the Fatal Personality will attract a lot of people. Humans want to befriend that kind of personality for the reason(s) that I will explain below. 

There are of course several qualities the Fatal woman has but there is one quality that separates her from most women. 

For starters, she won't backstab her friends or her lover(s).

She won't talk sh*t about any friend or any ex-lover behind their back.

The fatal woman has that sense of loyalty.

While most females out there are pointing fingers at their ex-lovers or their friends, the Fatal woman does not do such a thing.

She doesn't gossip for it might reflect in a bad way for her.

Even if someone gossips about someone else, the fatal woman might ask questions but never confirm any of the gossip, and never agree about them either. 

Another sub-quality (of the main quality that I'll write more about below) is the fact that she's personable; you see, the Fatal woman does not try to come off as perfect, she doesn't try to brag in front of her friends or her colleagues about how she does this and that better than anyone else.

There's nothing charming seeing a group of women gathered and clucking about which did better and which did more, to the point where you can hear neither of them. 


So what is this quality that makes the Fatal woman Be Fatal with all these qualities, and attract all these people to the point where she needs to become picky. 

The Fatal woman is not judgmental. 

You see, most people judge, they rarely try to understand.

Although I admit that some people have perhaps not deserved any understanding, as long as someone isn't harming you physically or psychologically, judging them is unnecessary. 

So, what can some of the examples of this "non-judgmental" personality be? 

Let's say that as a woman you had an abortion.

She will respect your decision and ask you how you feel about it. She will even show concern about how painful it might have been. 


You have an addiction? She will not judge you on your vulnerabilities. She will listen on how it started for example. 

You ate too much? She will make you eat dessert one last time with her before you start your diet, because you only live once.


You cheated on a great guy who has always been loyal to you? She won't judge you, she will laugh with you, and you can be sure your secret is safe with her. Here again she will ask you what this new guy might have had more than your partner and she will TRY TO UNDERSTAND YOU. 



Let's say that a man might have a dark past and the Fatal woman is on a date with him?

What does a dark past mean? No it does not mean that he is Dracula nor does it mean that he ate children, it simply means that at some point the guy might have been entangled with the justice system.

Perhaps she won't marry that man but she definitely will not make him feel bad about it. She will ask more questions, and she will always try to understand.


Let's say that the Fatal Woman is on a date with a man who admits that he cheated on his ex-partner. 

This is the question the Fatal Woman will ask: 

Was it someone you loved or someone you paid? 

This kind of question immediately puts a person at ease and turns the situation from guilt-driven to less serious. That way any man would start letting his guard down and feel ACCEPTED instead of REJECTED. 


This AGAIN, DOES NOT MEAN that she accepts to associate with him; it's just that while she is around she will not be judgmental no matter what that person might have done. It does not mean that she will completely discard him either; this is for the Fatal woman to decide. 

Since a lot of people are committed to misunderstand, I want you to know that what this article is about is that while you are getting to know people, having a non-judgmental attitude makes you more charming. 

This quality is what makes the Fatal woman wanted not only for romance but even for friendship.

Most men want to date the fatal woman, and a lot of women want to be her friend. 

It feels good to be around someone who doesn't call you a sl*t because you cheated. It feels good for an ex-convict to not be condemned AGAIN by your judgment. 

Whatever someone might have done or said, she (The Fatal woman) will not tell them "what a perv they might be" or "how immoral someone is". 

No matter where you come from, she will not judge you based on your past, your actions, or inactions.

This is not to say that the Fatal woman is perfect, she of course has her flaws. For example, it is very hard to have access to the Fatal woman's time.


But the goal isn't to be perfect, the goal is to be fatal, and who can compete with a non-judgmental and loyal person in a world full of gossiping people, competing against each-other, and thinking they hold the fundamental moral code. 

Who doesn't want to be around someone like that?  


She isn't judgmental with herself either so she isn't judgmental with you and the world surrounding her. She is aware that we're all human. She doesn't impose a moral code or HER moral code on others. 



You would think that this is something "normal" and it is what everyone should do, but you'd be surprised how many women make a man feel bad by judging him throughout the dating stage for example. 

Telling a man he could have invested here and there for instance, or that he could have done this and that choice, instead of listening to him, will push him away. If you try to give advice at this stage it will not make you seem smart, you will only come off as judgmental. 

The same thing goes for friendships or other social relationships such as colleagues; telling people it is "good" to live that way, or making them feel like sh*t because they did something you deem as "bad" in your moral bible, will make you the opposite of charming. Everyone will want to avoid you.

It's not that the fatal woman doesn’t have any moral code, although some of them might not care about morals so much,

it’s just that fatal women will not IMPOSE their beliefs on others.


Do you know who else imposes their beliefs on others and think that their moral code is the best? Fascists. 


This might come off as a surprise to you but imposing on others what you believe to be "right" or "moral" makes you a BULLY.

Leave your ego home every once in a while and listen to what people have to say. 


Most people sometimes (most of the time) just want to be heard and want their beliefs to be confirmed; they want your validation not your judgment.

Few people really need (and want) advice. Most just want to be heard to have their assumptions confirmed.

You can't give advice to someone who doesn't want it or didn't ask for it; trust me if they did, they'd do much more progress in therapy. 

The Fatal woman has understood that;  

And this folks is what makes a Fatal woman better than a fairy tale. 


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