Fatal tips from the Dark Side ; Feel and be irresistible.


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Tap into the charm and confidence of good and successful psychopaths, adopt their positive traits and see your life change for the best. 

THE FIRST LITTLE GUIDE FOR ALL GENDERS BY KIM. Otherwise called "how good psychopaths have that much confidence"

What is the DARK SIDE? In psychology, the "dark side" or otherwise described as "dark personalities" is referred to dangerous personalities, such as psychopaths.

They can be manipulative, exploitative, sometimes completely shameless and without conscience, YET they most often win in life. They are my clients and my patients, and they're successful as f*ck. 

What if we took some of their confidence in order to improve our lives? What if you too could take their good sides and traits to apply to yourself to live in this world?

How do these people think, what goes on in their minds that makes them so confident and charming?

What if you could think of yourself the way a successful psychopath does?

They never think humbly or negatively of themselves, and despite their numerous shortcomings, they never lose faith in themselves

If you are lacking in confidence, the tips herein are going to amp it up and make you unstoppable. Women AND men who use these tips WIN in life. These women and men aren't necessarily toxic, but even when they are toxic, they are quickly forgiven, because at the end of the day, no man (and no woman) can resist them!

The goal is not to become toxic; the goal is to take some of the good traits from the "bad people" in order to become more fearless and increase our self-esteem with real life people and real life examples. 

This is a personal coaching session with me. Read it, apply it, make these a habit and become the star of your life!

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