There is something that separates FATAL WOMEN from the rest. 
This difference does not rely on her looks, nor in her profession, or her cooking skills. (Lol you really thought the way to a man's heart was through his stomach?)
The biggest difference between FATAL WOMEN and the rest is in the way they think. Their thoughts make them powerful. 
I will explain below one of the most powerful ways of thinking a FATAL WOMAN owns. 

The majority of women I meet everyday have this goal in mind when looking for a relationship: 
"I want someone to come home to, to relieve the feeling of loneliness, someone who I know is there for me". 
Then I hear other women who go like: 
"I don't want to lose this guy, I have invested so much, I love him so much, I want to make it work, even though he is disrespecting/mistreating me, or not giving me the attention I crave. How do I make him the way I want him to be?" 

Although the thoughts these women have sound very romantic, it isn't so in everyday life.

For thousands of women who are longing for what I mentioned above, I will show you tens of thousands of women who have someone to come home to, slaving to please this dude, and they are drained as f*ck, cursing the day they decided to make this guy their partner. 

The fatal woman on the other hand expects more of life. She wants someone that makes her days better, and enhances her life. The FATAL WOMAN isn't satisfied with only having someone to come home to. She isn't consumed with sh*tty ideas of having just the relationship title.
She is focused on what she can WIN in life, not on what she might "lose". 
The FATAL WOMAN isn’t afraid to leave a relationship or a dude that doesn't fulfil her and her needs.

She isn't afraid to walk away from someone who isn't making her happy. 

See there is one crucial trait in common between the FATAL WOMAN and the successful dark side: they’re reward driven more than they’re afraid of loss.

Desire for better outweighs fear of risking "good enough". 

Winning traders or successful CEOs have this in common with the fatal woman; the possibility of reward is worth risking mediocrity, even if you "lose" something safe but mediocre.
Just like a millionaire is ready to gamble millions, as long as he believes there is potential to earn billions, so does the FATAL WOMAN think in terms of men.

Being able to get over the fear of "losing" a man or leaving him even if you do love him, is one of the most important traits a FATAL WOMAN has. Her not being afraid of losing him, makes him afraid of losing her. 

Men sense it and that's what makes them want to cuff her, sometimes as fast as within three weeks of dating. Now men know that they’re replaceable because the next d*ck could offer her more. More attention, better sex, more presents, faithfulness etc. whatever the FATAL WOMAN desires.



The FATAL WOMAN knows and has faith that there will always be a man out there who can treat her better... unlike some other women who settle into relationships for the sake of a relationship.
The FATAL WOMAN isn’t afraid that just because she spent 6 months with someone, she “has already invested so much” and wants to keep trying.

Really? If you were buying stocks and losing would you keep buying it or start investing in a stock that looks more promising?

I don’t want you to settle for a man who doesn’t do shit effort for you; he’s not going to change. I want you to go for a man who will proudly take you places and treat you like the princess you deserve to be treated.
I am a firm believer of being taken out on dates, being courted and receiving presents.

The FATAL WOMAN isn't afraid to gamble, especially when it comes to men. She will cut a loser off, because there will always be a winner.

One moment of amazing is worth more than 10 years of mediocre.

You can have the man who gives you the attention you crave if your guy at home isn’t giving you any, you can have a guy who puts more effort into the relationship (yes even if he is the president of a Country, or an extremely powerful man, an interested man is never too busy to text: even Putin still finds the time to meet and spoil his mistress).

A fatal woman ruthlessly goes on in life and seeks that reward. She doesn’t just settle in the name of “security”. The fatal woman knows that there’s no such thing as security in life, because in the end we all die.
The fatal woman wants to make the journey of life worthwhile, she’s not afraid of being alone for a while.

While the rest of the women are focused on lack instead of abundance, the FATAL WOMAN fears one thing only: settling in a mediocre relationship.

The rest of women fear there aren’t enough good men out there who can make her happy.

The fatal woman knows and has faith that another man can do it better than the one she’s currently dating and isn’t providing her what she needs and wants.


The FATAL WOMAN is NOT AFRAID of missing out on someone, because she knows that men will be missing out ON HER. The FATAL WOMAN is the limited edition in this world.

This way of thinking makes her have ULTIMATE POWER.

Most women are afraid of losing a loser instead of getting out there and winning a winner.

As long as the FATAL WOMAN is living she IS WINNING.

There's no such thing as loss in her world. In the end she knows that everything will be over anyway, because she is aware of her mortality.

She knows it is better to focus on the possibility of a reward, than to be safe in mediocrity. 

What other people see as "loss" and mourn over, the people I just mentioned (successful ceos and fatal women) aren't so pained by that "loss".
They are motivated by the reward much more; the reward or the potential of it has more emotional weight on them.

You can train your mind to be that way too. 

The FATAL WOMAN isn't pressured to have kids or get married at a certain time because that's what's expected of her in society; the fatal woman doesn't give a flying f*ck about society. Her goal is to be happy, and she will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

She isn't starved for the feeling of love itself; she knows that a healthy relationship requires more than just the feeling of love.

In fact falling in love too fast has been very beautifully described by Francesco Alberoni: 

"No one can fall in love if he is even partially satisfied with what he has or who he is. the experience of falling in love originates in an extreme depression, an inability to find something that has value in everyday life. The "symptom" of the predisposition to fall in love is not the conscious desire to do so, the intense desire to enrich our lives; it is the profound sense  of being worthless and of having nothing that is valuable and the shame of not having it..."

The FATAL WOMAN can very much relate to the quote above, unlike the basic b*tches that the world is filled with. 

It doesn't matter if the FATAL WOMAN is 18 or 81; she wants to live life to the fullest. As long as she's alive there will always be someone to enhance her life, and she can always start over.

Every beginning is exciting to the FATAL WOMAN because there is so much more to gain. She doesn't settle for "good enough" or "he will do, he is okay"; she wants GREAT, AMAZING, ADVENTUROUS, LIFE CHANGING, because life is too short to settle for less. 

Your life is meant to be a party, drinking Dom P, exquisite dinners, sitting on chesterfield sofas, tasting the most decadent pleasures of life and admiring fireworks, not settling for safe and boring tasting spaghetti without sauce for years to come. 

You MUST be able and capable to leave an unfulfilling situation, don't fear rejecting average behaviour from a man, don't fear "risking" him if he isn't making you happy, because the REWARD is much more important in LIFE. 

The FATAL WOMAN isn't afraid to start over; she knows life is a continuous movie of experiences. There will always be someone available for her because the world is her oyster

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Alberoni, F., & Venuti, L. (1983). Falling in love. New York: Random House.

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