Becoming Fatal : Transforming Yourself

Did you think that Being Fatal was only about how to seduce men?


How cute.

If Being Fatal revolved only around men, the whole meaning of the word “Fatal” would lose its effect.

Being Fatal is not about knowing tactics how to seduce men:

Being Fatal is a mindset AND a lifestyle.

That mindset and lifestyle starts with YOU.

Becoming and Staying Fatal depends solely on YOU.

You Becoming Fatal in the dating game is a side effect of you Being Fatal in YOUR LIFE.

Dating is only a part of the pie (life).

Hence, by having a Fatal Attitude, even when you are alone, and at home (especially during these COVID times) that attitude is going to spill in all other areas of your life…including your dating life.

The first thing to keep in mind, is that you do not wait for confidence and motivation to just come until you start doing certain things in your journey to Becoming Fatal.


If you keep waiting for the feeling of confidence or the feeling of motivation, it won’t come… LIKE EVER!


Unless you take charge and DO something about it.

Here is what your day looks like (or has been looking like) for most of you, especially now that most of you are working/studying from home:


You wake up, you stay in your pajamas, or in these horrible things called sweatpants. You feel “comfortable” that way and start working or studying.

On days where you’re free (and also before the pandemic, let’s be honest here) you are playing video games or you start binge watching Netflix, only to feel like sh*t this day and the next.

Add to that eating junk food and you just found the perfect ingredients for starting a depression even if you were healthy to begin with.




The worst thing in all of this, is that you think you have deserved it to let yourself go a little. . I know that your mind tries to trick you and says “hey you deserve it, it’s a Sunday/holidays (insert whatever sh*tty excuse), you can treat yourself, do nothing”.

Truth is that you haven’t deserved it; no you haven’t deserved to let yourself go and diminish your light.


You see, the problem is that you see that type of behavior as a “treat” or “comfort” while it is pure punishment and poison for your brain and body. You know this sounds ridiculous but it’s actually true. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, we know how this ends.


It is no surprise then, that you feel like you do nothing “productive” and your self-esteem plummets lower than oil prices during the first confinement.


If you do not start the day with something “productive”, then you will keep doing unproductive sh*t.

This is you on your “comfortable” days:



Yes I know it made you laugh, and unfortunately you were able to relate.

It’s funny but it’s not really funny when you know what consequences this can have on your mental health.


I will explain here how you can start feeling better about yourself and building confidence.

You need to apply these tips, and not merely read the article.

If you keep applying it every day, for at least 21 days, and you STICK TO IT no matter what, you WILL see an improvement in your attitude and your well-being.

Hell, even people who suffer from depression might benefit from these small steps.

And don’t say you’re going “to try”. You DO it.



  •  I don’t care if you don’t have the energy or the will. I also don’t care if you lack motivation; motivation is a feeling. You get up in the morning and you take your shower. You have no idea how many people are foregoing showering these days, and it is simply unacceptable. Crawl through it if you have to, crawl on your way to shower, but shower is never to be neglected.




  • Wear your face cream/body cream. It is important that you look healthy.
On a side note if you really want to invest into something when it comes to your appearance let it be your skin, and your smile.




  • Make up is optional, although I do recommend wearing a little even when you are at home. No it’s not because anyone will see you, but YOU will see yourself. I am not asking you to go full Kardashian and do all this contouring sh*t (unless you’re willing to). All I’m asking is at least some mascara and some lip gloss. This needs to be the bare minimum…FOREVER!!!


  • Don’t forget your hair products; style your hair as if you were going to work/school. Some perfume won’t hurt either.



  • You have a healthy breakfast like the human being that you are. If you don’t like having breakfast, then have your coffee or your tea, as long as you’ve taken your shower and are dressed properly.
  •  Now it gets serious: I need you to throw away these sweatpants…even the velvet ones that are being sold as “sexy”.

Seriously how aren’t these things illegal yet?

I don’t care if you’re comfortable in your pajamas, or in your sweatpants: you buy a pair of jeans or a pair of nice leggings and wear them home. If you want to wear a dress or a skirt then more power to you, you will earn more points in your journey to becoming fatal.


  • Wear shoes at home. Whether sneakers, converse, or heels if you can (if you have neighbours downstairs please be respectful and don’t wear heels). Shoes are important since they make you feel “active”. Better than those granny socks you feel “comfortable” but ugly with.


  • Do not underestimate the power of wearing your favorite nail polish even when you are at home. You can even experiment with different, crazy shades since nobody is seeing you when you're home.

    You see, you can't make excuses to let yourself go anymore. 


  • NEVER underestimate the power of wearing nice lingerie FOR YOURSELF. Because you see, you wear your best clothes when there is an event, just so that others can see you. You wear your favorite underwear and nail polish when you have a date with as*hole Kyle only. No surprise then, that your brain associates Kyle with feeling good.
  • You don’t do it for yourself, no of course, that’s too much work to stay home and make yourself look hot.

 REMINDER: this isn’t work, this is called self-care.



Look, all I’m asking is for you to look in a way that if someone came at your door unexpected, they wouldn’t run away in sheer terror.

I am not saying you need to wear your clubbing dress and your heels while at home, unless you want to do it, then more power to you, kudos for improving yourself.


Eventually, in your journey to becoming fatal you will come to that stage where you will want to look hot as f*ck even on Sundays. I won’t push you to go there yet though, so all I’m asking is for you to start with baby steps.

Start your day(s) with something productive, and make that something productive about your self-care.

And if all you wanna do is relax all day, and have a drink, at least try to do it Looking and Feeling Fatal....





Over time, applying these tips really become natural and have positive effects in all areas of life. Then the goal isn’t even to seduce men anymore, but seducing yourself.Thank you Kim

Jessica September 30, 2023

Killer article! I will be integrating these actions into my routine swiftly.

Ashley April 12, 2023

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