BECOMING FATAL: F*ck Settling for mere Acceptance

F*ck settling for mere acceptance!

And just because you think he is good looking and merely accepts you. Don’t settle for the guy who isn’t happy with just spending time with you. Don't settle for the guy who pressures you into giving it up when you don’t feel ready yet. Don’t settle for making things comfortable for him so that you can be his girlfriend.


Go for the guy who adores you, go for the guy who is crazy about you. Go for the guy to whom you vaguely say you like dogs, and they’re already checking the internet to fulfill your wish. Go for the guy who goes out of his way to bring you candy during your lunch break just because he knows you are free at that time. Go for the guy who actually TAKES you to that restaurant you have been wanting to go. Go for the guy who makes efforts to make you happy, because at the end of the day it is what ultimately makes HIM happy.


Don’t waste your life on someone who gives you breadcrumbs. Stop hurting yourself. Life is too short to settle for mere acceptance. 

Love isn’t pain, it isn’t supposed to be pain. Love isn’t you slaving your way to be accepted in his life.

Don’t settle for mediocrity; that’s what mere acceptance is. This path is impossible, full of pain, and time consuming.

Don’t settle for mere acceptance because you hope that with time his love for you will grow. Don’t settle for a fantasy, because mere acceptance is all it is…your fantasy and your empty hopes.

So f*ck settling for mere acceptance!


Because no matter what you do for the guy who merely accepts you, at the end of the day it will never change the way he sees you. No matter what you do and no matter how hard you try, the guy who merely accepts you will always be comfortable with you because he knows you’re happy only with the fact of him existing.. If you think someone is going to change thanks to your efforts, you’re settling for fantasy or rather a horror movie.

Better to watch a romantic movie then.

F*ck chasing as*hole Kyle* who cheated on you twice, and you settling for him, because he "accepts" to make things better this time. I don't care if you think as*hole Kyle is handsome, popular, or whatever other bullsh*t excuse you're telling yourself to settle for this. 


If you’ve been settling for a job, or for a degree, at least don’t settle for a relationship. Decide that for at least one thing in your life you will not settle; let that be a relationship! Don’t settle for too much hard work where you lose yourself and your energy. You will be left unhappy.


It is a man's job to prove you that he can make you happy; it is NEVER your job to reassure him or make him comfortable (especially in the beginning of a relationship).


I have already said that in my book and I will say it again: men don’t love comfort!

They might think they like it. They never love it. I’ve met several men in my practice telling me how they just want a woman who can be a good wife and a good mother. That is what they think they want. Two years forward and they’re back in my practice only to tell me that they have found that woman, and “she’s really nice” but something is lacking. They are "accepting" this woman in their lives they tell me. I despise that word (acceptance) so much in this context!

Meanwhile they had also met a woman who was really fun to be around, this woman was just having a good time around them, and by getting to know this woman, they felt something, and now they can’t get over her.

These men are merely accepting the one woman they have now, who cooks and makes everything comfortable for him, waiting for him to come home with a smile on her face, only for him to keep fantasizing about that other woman who had just used some fatal tactics on him.  

Be that woman! Be the woman he can’t get over. Be the woman he is crazy about.

Allow yourself to accept that a man (or more) can be crazy about you. Give this guy (these guys) a chance, and don't take him (them) for granted. 

Be the woman that he wants to reassure. Be the woman he wants to convince that love isn’t only about pain and heartbreak. And the only way to be that woman, is to not settle for mere acceptance!

F*ck settling for mere acceptance from a man who is just content to exist and to look the way he does because he knows you're gonna be there no matter what.


F*ck settling for mere acceptance from a man who passively spends his time with you just because he is bored, and you can fill that void…for free.


F*ck settling for mere acceptance!

I will keep repeating this until it leaves a print in your brain.


I am so tired of hearing “he should accept me as I am”.

What are you? A mop on Amazon? A mop can be accepted: if it isn’t blue but it’s red, you can accept it since it does its job.


Mere acceptance from him is unacceptable if he wants the boyfriend title.


Go for the guy who doesn’t ask you to change who you are, how you dress, what you like, or what job you have. Go for the guy who doesn’t want to change your political beliefs no matter how extreme they might sound. Go for the guy who is crazy about you just because you are the WAY you are.


F*ck settling for mere acceptance; wars have been started because of a woman, families have been broken because of one woman, brothers have become enemies in the name of one woman, and royal titles have been given up for a woman. That’s how much a woman is worth…if she allows herself to accept that power.


For your sake I hope you will follow this advice, because if you do, you have just opened the first door to an awesome realm. All I can say now is:


Congratulations on joining the dark side: we have been waiting for you

*Kyle is just a name. I do not personally know anyone that goes by that name. Sorry for the Kyles out there who might be offended. Ps: I don't really care

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