Becoming Fatal: People You Need To Stay Away From

You know what the disadvantage to becoming fatal is? 

Everyone wants to become your friend, your lover, or wants in some way to be associated with you. These people might be admirers, but some can also be leaches. You must be extremely careful who you let inside your circle in your journey to become fatal. Your environment is going to affect you and your success whether you want it or not.

This is a journey to becoming fatal which means successful.

Granted it might not be for everyone , however since you are on that website chances are you want to improve your life and yourself. 

I will make the list short so that you don't need to waste your time. If someone is offended by it, perhaps they should reconsider their behaviours. 


1. The Complainer

This type always has something negative to say about everything and everyone. You could be the happiest person on the planet and they'd find a way to add negative energy. You say a movie is funny, they come back with "I find it stupid". You say someone looks good, they come with "but it's all fake". You say you like your job, they will come back with "but you have no life".

The system is screwed according to them, nothing is fair, and there's no point in trying to enjoy life. Although we are aware that society has its weaknesses, complaining about it won't bring us far. Hanging around these people is not going to improve our lives. 

2. The No Boundary

Now this is certainly going to happen when you transform yourself to becoming fatal. Some people will have no boundaries and will ask to have access to you 24/7. 10pm calls? They go for it. Prepare to receive unlimited amounts of texts, and needing to defend yourself why you didn't reply sooner. Usually this type of person is lonely, and although you can be compassionate, they don't belong in your life. Becoming Fatal is about having a life that is full of creativity, pleasure, and activity; you won't have time for these people and if they can't respect boundaries this is a red flag. 

3. The Unsuccessful

This is going to come off as cold-hearted, but this is about becoming fatal, it's not about doing charity. If you would like to do charity, it is indeed a noble quality, and you definitely SHOULD engage in charity. This website donates in fact to a couple of non-profits. What we mean here, is that you cannot associate with unsuccessful people. You would not want to have them in your circle of "friends".

These people include but are not limited to: 

- Those who don't have a job (and aren't looking for one)

- People who feel they haven't achieved much in life (or they REALLY didn't achieve much)

-People with an inferiority complex

-People without hobbies, and without any ambition or creativity whatsoever

-People with the victim mentality (see also The Complainer). 

There is a study which was done on crabs, and the crab who was trying to escape the trap he was in, was immediately pulled down by other crabs who were down.

In psychology this is known as the Crab Effect. 



4. The Drug Addict (or alcohol addict).

Look, you can support a person, no issues with that, but if they don't want to help themselves, they are only going to make your life miserable. Substance abuse alters the brain and the cognitive capacities of a person, which means they lose all form of rationality. From asking you for money to judging you, because you have an "easier life", every bad action coming from them will be "because they are suffering and it's the substances' fault". Addicts who don't want to seek help will not take responsibility for their actions.

Of course there are different types of substances people use, the illegal ones being the worst, this isn't a generalisation, however it isn't a stellar sign even if they consume so-called "soft substances". You are not to babysit them or be associated with them.

On a side note, people who suffer from addiction are more likely to engage in criminal behavior.

Link here 


5. The Moral Police.

This is the judgmental type who thinks they know how other people "should" or "should not" live, yet they are the ones who need the most courses on ethics. Most often this kind is the kind that has committed (or is still committing) illegal and/or immoral acts themselves. They project their inadequacy in wanting to control you and your life. This also helps them stay distracted from themselves and what they feel ashamed of IN THEMSELVES.

This is the case when some people (mostly women) tell other women how they should not dress a certain way past a certain age, or they shouldn't behave a certain way because they are a mom/a CEO/wife (insert whatever quality).

As long as what you're doing isn't illegal and you aren't harming anyone or yourself, you do you. What's moral for one might be immoral for another, that's why each country has their own laws. The moral police is to be immediately discarded. They are controllers and want to keep you away from shining. Never believe them!

6. The one who is expecting your downfall.  

This is the one that pretends to be your friend and pretends to have your best interest at heart, but every time you hear from them they are asking:

Are you happy? Are you sure your relationship is going well? Are you sure you want to stay at that job where you earn 200K a year? Are you sure you want to keep opening that business because there is a lot of competition? 

This kind of people doesn't want you to succeed, and wants to see you suffer because they are failing in life.

Again due to their shame and feelings of inadequacy, they want you to be like them, so that now they can feel better about themselves. You need to stay away from them!!!


7. The one who wants to talk for the sake of talking. 

A little small talk here and there is fine. However talking for the sake of talking without anything productive coming out of it, what is the point seriously? Endless talking while you see them, or staying on the phone for 2 hours just TO TALK, isn't productive and is energy consuming. Don't you think you could have spent those 2 hours reading a self-help book, learning a new skill, painting your nails, or even do some house chores? This kind of person usually is extremely insecure and again feels lonely.

But it is not your responsibility to babysit them.



8. The One that Only Gossips.

Look, everyone gossips here and there; we gossip about stars, politicians etc, but if someone gossips about everyone and all the time, what does it say about them?

If they have no other subject to talk about than other people's lives, then they are lowlifes, and have no other interests whatsoever. If they gossip about other people, don't you think they do it behind your back too? 

Caution; those who gossip are hiding a lot of dark secrets about themselves, and gossiping is meant to distract you and themselves about their shortcomings.


Remember, this is YOUR journey to Becoming Fatal. 

Sometimes you might find that all of the above applies to one person, or you know different people with one or more "qualities" of what was stated above. 

Stay away from them, Stay Fatal! 



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