Why did you decide to make a website?


I love writing these articles. They allow me to express myself. These articles allow me to spread my unconventional views. I love sharing my eccentric perspective on life with other people. I am a firm believer of free speech. This website allows me to do that. I want people to embrace their authenticity. I want people to detach from the false ideas that they’ve learnt and live a life uncontrolled from the limited conditioning they have received from society. It’s a hobby to liberate people’s minds and allow them to live the best life possible.



How is the course Become Fatal different?

“Become Fatal” is a course presented in a book form that teaches about self-transformation. You are not buying a book: you are buying personal transformation, and self-improvement. You are basically buying a new human being; one that succeeds not only in dating but in life! It is like uninstalling the old software and installing a new software in your way of thinking.



What made you want to present this course as a book?

I never wanted to teach these things. I never wanted to make them public. I shared these tips with my exclusive clients only. It was after thousands of requests from friends and clients that I hesitantly decided to make it public, but only for an exclusive audience.



Why is the course so expensive?

The course was not written to be sold for the whole world population. Actually the price being so high is meant to convince you not to buy it, for the simple fact that I do not want just everyone to know about these tactics.

These tactics can be dangerous, and I do not want people to start acting irresponsibly and breaking too many hearts.

So I assume that if you are mature enough to want to invest that amount in learning, then you are mature enough to use the tactics responsibly.


Why do you want to keep the tips in the course secret?

I want “Become Fatal” to be like a secret society. Few women in the world need to have access to this. I always wanted to keep these tactics to myself because it gave me some kind of monopoly over men. I realized things no woman I knew had realized, and selfishly I wanted to keep these to myself only. 

Yes I am THAT selfish b*tch!



It is a great wealth to have this knowledge you know. To be able as a woman to choose whomever you want as a partner, without even looking like a model. Do you want the hot guy? You can have him. Do you want the rich one? You can have him too. Do you want the faithful, loving one? You can have him. Do you want to date two of them until you decide which one is best for you? Keep having fun! The world is yours.




How effective are the tactics?

The tactics, if applied rigorously are extremely powerful. They give you the power of choice in the world of dating. You will be able to choose whomever you want. What’s more important though is that you will find happiness and confidence in yourself. That amount of confidence and happiness is what will also allow you to have the power to choose.